Connie & Alan Fake, Founders
Connie & Alan Fake, Founders

Let's face it - web companies are a dime a dozen.

What makes us different?

a. fake productions is a home-based family company founded to assist businesses, organizations, and individuals with getting a presence on the web.

Alan and Connie Fake are the owners of a. fake productions with the dream of someday having their 3 children join them.

They founded the company in 1997 as a way to supplement their family income to allow Connie the opportunity to be at home and care for their children. As their children grew so did the business. Now they help various organizations and businesses with their website presence.

Connie and Alan Fake both found a love for computers early in life and continued to keep up with the growing trends of the field. Their knowledge, experience, and resources are hard to beat when it comes to developing a successful online presence for their clients.

Alan works full-time for TE Connectivity and does website development for a. fake productions in his spare time while Connie concentrates on the business on a full-time basis.

Our Partners

We understand that alliances and relationships play an intricate role in offering a broad spectrum of products and services. We refer to these relationships as alliance partnerships. Working closely with our alliance partners, we leverage the expertise available within many organizations to offer a wider range of products, services and solutions.